The Space-Biff! Book-Space! is the labor of three friends, two lovers, and one abiding love for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and post-apocalyptic novels. Plus Brock likes books about princesses? I think?

Brock Poulsen has read a book or two in his life. His favorite ones are about smart characters having a rough time. Sometimes the problem is magic or spaceships, and sometimes it’s the most mysterious obstacle of all: human feelings. He lives in Boise, Idaho, where he reads and writes and generally has a grand time.

Somerset Winters-Thurot lives in Salt Lake with her beau Dan and their naked baby Burgerbit. She works full-time as a C.O.T. and does all sorts of things on the side: editing, biking, reading, knitting, yoga, scrapbook blogging, eating delicious things, quilting, dreaming of awesome vacations, wishing she still played soccer, and spending time with her family.

Dan Thurot (no relation) lives in Salt Lake with his sweetheart Summer and their very mature baby Cate. When he isn’t writing the board game review site Space-Biff!, you’ll probably catch him studying history, getting very worked up about the Fermi Paradox, or insisting that, no, he was not playing Switch in the bathroom.